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The pyramid and the dog-bone revisited

22 July, 2015 (12:54) | Uncategorized | By: seth

I previously talked about the dog-bone approach to testing, and how we testers love our shapes such as the Test Pyramid.  But I did not connect the pyramid to the dog-bone.  Now permit me to remedy that Pyramid This is the Test Pyramid introduced by Mike Cohn in 2009 In brief it says Unit Testing […]

Analysis and Design as named columns in Kanban? In Scrum?

17 July, 2015 (09:14) | Uncategorized | By: seth

I came across this Kanban board [it is this blog post, but the while the post is interesting, it actually does not at all address what I am about to talk about] What I found interesting was the Analysis and Design columns. Reflecting on this, this can work for Kanban because it is continuous flow […]