Analysis and Design as named columns in Kanban? In Scrum?

17 July, 2015 (09:14) | Uncategorized | By: seth

I came across this Kanban board


[it is this blog post, but the while the post is interesting, it actually does not at all address what I am about to talk about]

What I found interesting was the Analysis and Design columns. Reflecting on this, this can work for Kanban because it is continuous flow and the Analysis (by the business analysts or Product Owners) does not need to precede the planning stage as it does for Scrum.

So what are the implications here? On one hand it eliminates Spike stories which seems good. On the other hand does Analysis and Design as stages on the board truly deliver value to the customer, or are they just means to an end and therefore should not be reflected in our agile management process?

Leaving Analysis aside because of its aforementioned impact on planning, how about the Design column? How does that help? For standard” scrum design would just be another In Process” task along with coding, testing, etc. Does the separate Design column add anything?

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