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It ain’t Kanban if you don’t use WIP Limits

26 April, 2017 (20:07) | Uncategorized | By: seth

In my last post I discussed How WIP Limits work to help you get more stuff done. Some folks like to compare Kanban and Scrum, but this is not really an apples to apples comparison. Scrum is a framework with defined roles, activities and artifacts – It gives you a prescriptive formula for how to […]

How WIP Limits work to help you get more stuff done

20 July, 2016 (11:12) | Uncategorized | By: seth

An UPDATED version of this blog post is here: Two key practices in Kanban are Limit WIP Manage Flow (image from Lean Kanban, St Louis) “Limit WIP” means limit the work in process — for any given step in your workflow you limit how many items can be in that state. So a WIP […]

Why inspect and adapt?

10 November, 2015 (14:46) | Uncategorized | By: seth

In a recent talk I gave on Scrum I highlighted the power of inspect and adapt cycles.  Or as the the Agile Principle puts it: Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. First I talked about a non-agile project that did NOT inspect and adapt.   On […]

Dog bone approach to testing

22 May, 2015 (14:52) | Uncategorized | By: seth

We testers like our testing shapes”.   For example consider the Testing Pyramid Well then, here is my contribution.   This is the dog bone approach to testing. It is shaped like a dog bone because it is fat (more effort and resources) on both ends and skinny (less effort and resources) in the middle. […]

More on the old versus new Microsoft

19 March, 2015 (09:22) | Uncategorized | By: seth

I found these quotes which tie-in well with my previous juxtaposition of Sinofsky versus Nadella Windows 8 is a disaster. Period. Paul Thurrott, SuperSite for Windows (pro-Microsoft author and blogger) [ref]   Windows 10 Undoes the Disaster of Windows 8 (Mostly) David Pogue, Tech columnist, Yahoo (formerly with the New York Times) [ref] Windows 10 […]

Why Windows 10 will succeed where Windows 8 failed –Data Driven Quality

15 February, 2015 (22:21) | Uncategorized | By: seth

You can’t sort of A/B test your way before the product launches, because you don’t have it in users’ hands yet. You need to use your product intuition to make the right choices. You make these choices and people are paying you to make them. Steven Sinofsky, former Microsoft President Windows D11 Conference, May 2013 […]

Those pesky customers

8 February, 2015 (06:55) | Uncategorized | By: seth

It is funny that whenever I teach (or lecture, or cajole) software engineering teams about the necessity for customer centricity, I almost inevitably get challenged with the example of Steve Jobs’ Apple.   Jobs did not care about focus groups, Jobs did not task his teams to deeply mine customer data… he just told them what […]

Bing’s fault or Bartell Drug’s fault?

1 February, 2015 (13:04) | Uncategorized | By: seth

Not quite Testing in Production…..but amusing nonetheless  

Before it was called “DevOps”, it was just “magic”

26 January, 2015 (06:41) | Uncategorized | By: seth

One thing I had forgotten in my time away from Amazon was that their code management, packaging, and deployment systems are magic. Seriously impressive internally built tools to manage a large, but usually decoupled codebase across thousands of servers in data centers around the world. Magic indeed… sometime black magic, but magic nonetheless. There are […]

How to communicate: Tools of the trade

19 January, 2015 (07:20) | Uncategorized | By: seth

One of the biggest issues I see on struggling software teams (although this is not limited to software) is problems with communication.   Modern software is complex, and therefore our software teams can be complex.   There are many groups within and external to the team that require information for successful delivery Developers Testers Engineering […]