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You can’t sort of A/B test your way before the product launches, because you don’t have it in users’ hands yet. You need to use your product intuition to make the right choices. You make these choices and people are paying you to make them.

Steven Sinofsky, former Microsoft President Windows

D11 Conference, May 2013



It starts with everyone in an organization having the curiosity, having the questions, trying to test out hypotheses, trying to gain insights, and then taking actions. You need to have a data culture inside of your organization.  …this is perhaps the most paramount thing inside of Microsoft. The thing we need to do better on is to be able learn from our customers and the data they exhaust … and continuously improve our products and services, that is job number one by far

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

Executive Keynotes from SQL Server 2014 Launch, April 2014

(I cannot find the quote recorded anywhere, but I personally wrote it down while viewing his keynote for the SQL Server Launch. Some oblique references here, here and here)


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