TestOps redux?

13 February, 2015 (08:53) | Uncategorized | By: seth

At one point I attempted to coin the phrase TestOps (pivoting off the increasingly popular DevOps)

Quality in the Cloud: The new Role of TestOps – March 2012

But ultimately there were a few things I did not like about that phrase.  Primarily was that TestOps really is already a part of DevOps.  DevOps is woefully mis-named and should be EngOps or something like that since Test, Dev, PM, and other all share the same goal of producing customer-delighting software and similarly all need to leverage Ops (aka production data) to do so.

What I really prefer is the concept of DDQ (Data-Driven Quality), which includes and expands on the TestOps and Test in Production ideas.

But it looks like my friends at SOASTA are up to something with TestOps….

[And here is where was going to embed the tweet from SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos, but he deleted it! :-) (it was here).]  Apparently he thought I objected to his use of the term, but far from it. I am more than happy to have friends in the industry like SOASTA leverage good ideas like TestOps (but I really prefer DDQ :-)

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